This medical centre is operating at reduced staffing levels due to COVID-19. We are receiving many phone calls and opening hours may change (check our website for the latest). Please treat our staff and healthcare practitioners with respect during this difficult time.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and are seeking medical advice, please book a telehealth appointment. You may receive a call from a private number for your telehealth appointment. Please do not attend the medical centre.

This medical centre does not provide COVID-19 testing or Medical Clearance Certificates.
Please visit for information on self-isolation rules, de-isolation, public health orders or testing.




  • Face-to-face consultation in the previous 12 months at this centre
  • Otherwise there will be an additional out-of-pocket fee or you will need to attend face to face

Appointment timing

  • You will be called by your Doctor or Health Practitioner within 1 hour of your appointment time
  • For example, a 2pm appointment means you should be called during 2pm-3pm
  • Doctors have unpredictable schedules due to urgent/emergency situations. So thanks for your understanding and patience

To book an appointment either

  • Download our ForHealth HaloGP app
  • Gpay App Store
  • Click here, pick your Doctor and Telehealth